NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Shopfitting

The NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Shopfitting enables learners showcase their skills, knowledge and understanding of the work,  in the construction industry. The Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Shopfitting aims to provide the right environment for individuals to showcase their shopfitting competence. This qualification is in line with the National Occupational Standards.

Duration of NVQ
Every learner will be assigned an assessor who will support in gathering portfolio of evidence for nothing more than a year. This duration can be considerably lessened if the learner is very committed to the cause of the qualification.

What You’ll Learn
This NVQ qualification aims to help the learner develop the required knowledge and skill of safe working practices and managing store resources. Specifically, you, the learner, will specialise in areas such as installing shopfitting frames, fitments and finishings, installing shopfronts and setting up and using shaping machines.

What You’ll Need
Items you will need for this NVQ qualification will include a safety equipment particularly protective gloves and footwear. You may also need study materials to document important information during the assessment.

This NVQ qualification is assessed by gathering a portfolio of evidence which proves the learner’s competence in the workplace. This portfolio could be gathered through observation or documentary evidence. The assessor works hand in hand with you, the learner, to help you meet the standards mandated by the qualification.

Your assessor measures your competence as you undertake normal work activities and makes conclusions as to whether you are in line with the industry’s standard.
The assessment process ensures that all learners conclude their tasks in the workplace and can demonstrate their ability to handle specific jobs within a given timeframe.

You’ll need to provide a portfolio which has 25 pictures with the activity, 3 videos and some site documents, ramps, site inductions, toolbox talks.

Employment Opportunities
This Level 2 NVQ qualification is guaranteed to expand your understanding of shopfitting. And after bagging this qualification, you could gain employment as a Shopfitter. You could gain work as an interior contractor in the commercial or industrial sector or better yet start your own shopfitting business.

Additional Career Prospects
By achieving this diploma in Shopfitting, you could progress further by applying for a Level 3 Diploma in Shopfitting.

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