How to get NVQ Level 2

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To get the CSCS blue card it is best to work on the chosen job.
A person can register for NVQ Level 2, even if at the time of registration he does not work on that job. On the day of registration, the applicant receives a confirmation containing the Name, the Qualification for which he was registered, the Candidate Number and the official Registration Number which can be verified online.

After obtaining the registration, you can order the RED EXPERIENCED WORKER (TEMPORARY CARD) card which is valid for 1 year. To be able to order this card you must have passed the test from CITB health and safety ( Test for Operative – pass paper) no older than 2 years.
This card is issued to prove that you are in the process of NVQ Level 2, you can work officially and we can complete the diploma procedure.
In order to FINALIZE an NVQ LEVEL 2 qualification, it is necessary for you to be visited on the site by an assessor in order to gather the necessary evidence for your qualification.
For example, a level 2 qualification is based on documents from the site such as:
– Induction form
– Briefing Records
– Toolbox Talk Records
– RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statements)
– Drawings
– Witness Testimony (letter of recommendation from the manager)
These documents will be obtained by the assessor from managers or supervisors.
In addition to the documents, the assessor must take pictures and possibly a few videos if necessary, to demonstrate the skills in the job, and stored in your portfolio.

Step 3, to complete an NVQ, is the written work called WORKBOOK, which is made up of questions about job protection as well as the job for which you have registered, as the candidate respects all the correct working conditions.

This paper has between 30-70 questions depending on the qualification, or it may be replaced by a recorded professional discussion.

The duration of an NVQ can last from 6 weeks if the interest is to collaborate quickly, up to 2 years, if it is necessary to interrupt and continue later, as the candidate needs.

These steps must be followed to obtain a level 2 NVQ qualification correctly.
All Level 2 cards are the same, blue as the SKILLED WORKER.
On the back of the card, everyone has the trade written as it is on the diploma . The card is renewed every 5 years with the same CITB exam.

For the H&S exam you can practice with the CITB OP / SPEC 2019 application that is installed on the phone using one of the links below:

iPhone: click here

Android (Samsung, Huawei, etc): click here

After you have successfully repeated the simulations for this exam you can make an online or phone appointment at CITB: click here
The cost of the exam is 21 Pounds

Those who have a green card issued by the CITB in the last 2 years have automatically passed the exam and will not have to take it again. It only requires the NVQ Diploma to order the blue card, or the red card, immediately after registering at the NVQ for those with an emergency.

Those with any card older than 2 years will need to retake the CITB exam
We hope we helped you with the information in these times of confusing changes. We also invite you to check them officially at any time by calling CITB.

QMB Consulting is waiting for you in the office for information or registration!

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