COVID-19 Prevention: How To Deal With It Before You Have To


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Today we are going to learn a few things about the latest sensation and how to keep it from sweeping the nation. Coronavirus disease, or COVID-19 for short, is a nasty little bug originating from China, affecting the respiratory system in ways that make it somewhat of a super-flu. Signs commonly include fever, dry cough, muscle fatigue, shortness of breath, these being its most prevalent symptoms. So far, the virus is reported to have spread to 110 nations and territories across the globe, with hundreds of thousands of cases, some of which include deaths. Though young children and the diseased elderly make up most of the deceased, this isn’t to say that the rest of any nation’s citizens aren’t already in full alert. Indeed, there are those of the highly-creative sort that would have it all to be a hoax, a lab-grown disease created and placed strategically by the world government to generate mass hysteria and turn our attention away from other certain issues at hand.


Neither extreme, however, is a healthy place to be for most people who are just minding their own business. Full-blown panic leads to some regrettable expenses that might not even prove to be as effective as one would hope, and complete relaxation about one’s personal hygiene assures that any other illness could always befall you before the Coronavirus does. A basic understanding of the issue at hand, which isn’t shaking any other hands currently, would be more suited to get us through such seemingly troubling times.

As we all know by now from various public service announcements and the same poster that’s been plastered on the wall of every business not yet closed, here are a few basic sanitation tips to keep one healthy, wealthy and wise: wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, stay constantly hydrated, sneeze into your elbow, thus covering your nose and mouth (known around the block as the Dracula sneeze), and avoid commonly used surfaces as much as possible.

All easy to manage tips if you’re working from home. Or, in many cases recently, if you’ve been sent home. However, bills don’t pay themselves, no matter how much we would wish it so, and field work is still work, even in quarantine. What’s more, basic hygiene can only help so much when it comes to dusty, grimy environments where hard work is the norm.

This is where something like first aid comes in, which is just enough know-how to keep a crisis at bay before medical professionals arrive. More so, this course assures a safe and healthy working environment so that you won’t have to use such information in the first place. We cover the essentials in a single mandatory unit, through multiple theoretical modules followed by practical assessments, covering topics such as how to apply CPR, how to deal with choking, bleeding and minor injuries, how to handle an unresponsive casualty, and other such helpful skills to help break the bystander effect. Completion of the course will offer the successful delegate a three year license to practice Level 3 First Aid at Work, thus providing the constant presence of an educated, responsible individual in your workplace that will keep things clean and dandy.

But no one needs to wait until qualified personnel show up in your own place of business to start, or continue, following the basic hygiene tips listed above. So, wash your hands when you can, or at the very least keep a hefty tube of hand sanitizer with a minimum 60% alcohol content. Trust us, you’ll be better off in the long term if you do than if you don’t.

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