NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Dry Lining Fixing


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The NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Dry Lining Fixing is a course designed to measure industrial competence in individuals within a workplace.


The NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Dry Lining Fixing is a course designed to measure industrial competence in individuals within a workplace. This course revolves around the installation of partition systems. As a physical and mental incentive, the course requires learners to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience when installing proprietary partition systems.

This NVQ course puts the objective of successfully installing proprietary partition systems as its utmost priority.

QMB Consulting offers a worldwide accepted NVQ service. We allow our learners learn at their own pace using our virtual learning assistant. As a learner, your NVQ will be evaluated based on the outcome of your work. In the aspect of knowledge and skill, these qualities will be assessed with the aid of professional discussion on work products, i.e. contract documents.

Entry Requirements

You’ll need to provide 25 pictures and 3 videos of one minute long doing your activities (Wearing full PPE)

Toolbox Talk
Site Induction
Recommendation letter

Duration of NVQ Course

There isn’t any preset or predetermined timescale of an NVQ course. Your NVQ assessment plan will be agreed upon at the early stages of your application. This aforementioned NVQ assessment plan will be determined by your first NVQ assessment and subsequent induction which will therefore pave the way to an agreed end date.

But on average, the duration of this NVQ course will take at least sixteen weeks.

QMB Consulting, however, offers a fast track program if you cannot wait the 16 weeks. To know more, reach out to our enquiries team.

NVQ Course Content

In just over 15 years, dry lining has become a very popular construction craft. Professional dry liners are in high demand.

Dry lining involves applying plasterboard to hard surfaces like timber or metal, all the while using varying fittings for each background. It’s much quicker than wet plaster and can be used to design internal partitions.

By enrolling for this course, you can learn valued skills that will take your career to new heights. This NVQ course will also give you an all-round knowledge of dry lining and will set you apart in an expanding industry, which is interior designing.

Some topics that this course covers are:

  • Construction technology (building methods)
  • Approach to General Safety in Workplace
  • Installation of dry lining partitions.
  • Finishing dry lining intersections
  • Applying plaster finishes to different plasterboard backgrounds
  • Making efficient use of resources in workplace
  • Materials/cost estimation
  • Communication skills

Teaching Process

We own well-resourced workshops, spacious enough to accommodate specific needs of your hands-on course. We also enable class settings for some explicit lessons.


At QMB Consulting, we make use of an online NVQ learning assistant along with practical assessors. In your first and subsequent assessments, your evaluator will use online tests and practical tasks to determine your assimilation of dry lining.


You don’t need any recognised qualifications per se, but having former experience of any type of construction work makes the learning process easier. Nevertheless, you will need all the enthusiasm and hard work you can muster to learn all there is to know about dry lining.

Career Opportunities after Learning

What can you put your hand in after learning this course? Well, you could secure gainful employment in interior designing with your dry lining knowledge and skills. And if you want, you could apply your skill sets to other construction crafts.

Our tutors will guide you through career options should you make the interview.

Items Needed for Course

Dry lining needs some special equipment. Your safety is important to us, therefore we recommend that you wear personal protective equipment (PPE). For practical classes—and there are a lot of those—you’ll need to wear safety boots and overalls.

Industry benefits

Having an NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Dry Lining Fixing qualifies you to apply for CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) blue skill card. You could also be eligible for grants from the government.





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