NVQ Level 2 – Remote Assessment

NVQ Level 2 - Remote Assessment

In the spirit of moving with the times, and also with the honest intent of benefiting everyone, QMB Consulting comes with the following proposal:  Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, enrollment in any NVQ Level 2 module can be done by paying only the entry fee, with a raincheck on the rest until things […]

COVID-19 Prevention: How To Deal With It Before You Have To


Today we are going to learn a few things about the latest sensation and how to keep it from sweeping the nation. Coronavirus disease, or COVID-19 for short, is a nasty little bug originating from China, affecting the respiratory system in ways that make it somewhat of a super-flu. Signs commonly include fever, dry cough, […]

Cum sa obtii cardul de Labourer

CUM OBTII CARDUL DE LABOURER (VERDE CSCS sau GQA ALB cu VERDE) Pentru a putea lucra in constructii in Marea britanie este necesar sa detineti un CARD CSCS care este emis in urma testului de Health and Safety (HS) (** Test de protectia muncii). Urmareste clip-ul pas cu pas :   Primul card pe care […]

How to get NVQ Level 2

To get the CSCS blue card it is best to work on the chosen job.A person can register for NVQ Level 2, even if at the time of registration he does not work on that job. On the day of registration, the applicant receives a confirmation containing the Name, the Qualification for which he was […]